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Training Activities and Learning Tasks -

Both learning and enjoyment are enhanced if activities and exercises are perceived by participants as RELEVANT TO THEIR JOBS

Delegates learn by DOING - we don’t believe in slide shows or lectures! We do use them, but only as necessary for introduction and direction. Our experiential resources are huge, varied and growing all the time.

Delegates learn by

An Outdoor Floating Puzzle An Indoor Floating Puzzle

Most of our leadership and many of our teambuilding tasks have been written to be objectively measurable in terms of PROFIT, with appointed team leaders always having a CHOICE of different resources at different prices.

Leadership and




flexibility, adaptability, creativity - for RESULTS

The photos below are of the same task (A Floating Puzzle) but different versions - in terms of location AND because one was for a senior management team and the other for graduate trainees.

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  • delegates use and practise skills they use in their work

  • stresses and pressures simulate those at work - eg a time constraint

  • objectives simulate those at work - eg a profit

  • interactions simulate work responsibilities - teamwork, negotiating

  • debriefings and appraisals relate experiences to responsibilities

  • we, above all, believe that "delegates learn by having FUN"

All our tasks, business games and activities have serious learning objectives tailor-made to the roles and "levels" of participants

We have challenged senior leadership teams with our famous Minefield - and we have provided a tailor-made version of it to

a School Head to use with Year 6 pupils! We are always happy to quote clients for standard or bespoke versions of our tasks.

please email or call 01494 589 889 to discuss your aims and which tasks might help you achieve them

Thus, no matter what the nature and mechanics of a task, we are aiming to SIMULATE the realities of current day workplaces - never enough time or budget or other resources, so you have to be CREATIVE.

Sometimes our money has real value though: eg on our Leadership  courses or Teambuilding that include the "Gourmet Challenge", where all money earned on days one and two is used to buy food from "The Tutors' Deli" !


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