Creatively different workplace learning solutions for organisations in any sector or profession.

Our innovations and pragmatic approach develop people to develop RESULTS !

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Uniquely different tailor-made training for any sector/profession/size - SME to global

and for salespeople, negotiators, directors, client managers, SMEs


"share care communicate" are the three ingredients of teamwork.

We will design and deliver teambuilding or leadership tailor-made

to your business objectives where and when you want.

When is the perfect time for teambuilding? ANY TIME!

SERIOUS Teambuilding

Uniquely different tools for learning AND continuous post-training SELF development

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Leadership; Selling, Persuasion, Negotiating; Strategic Planning; Personal Growth; Self Development; SERIOUS Teambuilding

Who do you / your people need to

influence, inspire, PERSUADE?

Trial our most innovative AND

pragmatic visualisation system

Innovative, Fun, EFFECTIVE

4 versions for different roles

Experiential-Profiling THINK ABOUT IT!

for Personal Growth & Self Development

NEW for 2020 - five uniquely different 

"Lunchtime Learning Modules"

that can be ANY two hours in a day!