Creatively different workplace learning solutions for organisations in any sector or profession.

Our innovations and pragmatic approach develop people to develop RESULTS !


team leadership in a modern, often stressful, workplace - the REALITIES of what to do to get the best out of people

We have a vast library of unique Leadership Tasks for clients to choose from - see above and Client Case Studies for examples

Our Speciality is Leadership at WORK

Call or email to discuss how we may be able to help either individuals at any level, or groups, by designing

bespoke team leadership programmes for you - maybe including our famous "Leadership Millionaire" course?

On all programmes we ask delegates to "think about it" ... think about WHAT to do - what they CAN do. Using A Little Book of Epigrams, we teach "creative pragmatism". We want to help people reach their TRUE potential. Below are two examples from the book.

An Introduction to TEAM Leadership

enabling managers/teamleaders to inspire and engage people

from just £1,250 for up to 6 delegates

A pragmatic and all-action workshop showing

delegates WHAT TO DO to motivate and

galvanize teams and individuals

a one day bespoke course

"The best way to get someone to do what YOU want is to forget about what you want and focus 100% on what THEY WANT!"

"You can only control what you CAN control... but YOU CAN CONTROL what you can control!"

NB: for an in-depth description of our huge range of tasks, with their recommended applications, and how we can make them available if clients wish to use one or more to deliver themselves as part of an in-house programme, see the Do It Yourself (DIY) pages of our new web site dedicated to Teambuilding and Teamworking in the 21st century -

"a Little Book of Epigrams"

Workbook “Leadership at WORK

1. The 7 Responsibilities of the Team Leader

2. Janus Creative Planning®

3. Creative and Lateral Thinking

4. Experiential Leadership Profiling

5. The REALITIES of Engaging, Inspiring and Motivating

6. Problem Solving and Decision Making

7. The Ultimate Responsibility - Making It Happen!

Our Speciality is TEAM Leadership

"Short Sharp Shock" intensive hands-on workshops

designed to ensure every delegate

leaves knowing WHAT TO DO 

to boost short term results

And, above all, our speciality is relevance to real life by tailor-making content to the jobs and challenges of delegates; briefing them to work with their own "case studies" during their course/workshop; and ensuring our "leadership tasks" are objectively measurable in terms of NET PROFIT - with appointed team leaders having a CHOICE of resources at different costs - delegates learn by DOING, ENJOYING THEMSELVES and taking away SOLUTIONS.

We offer courses and workshops of one day, two days or longer, either "stand-alone" team leadership focussed on helping delegates get more from their people, or integrated with other skills, egs, strategic planning.

Pragmatic TEAM leadership - WHAT TO DO

to engage influence, and inspire others

our exclusive model is

"the 7 Responsibities of the TEAM Leader"

A signature Impetus method is to design exercises/tasks objectively measurable in PROFIT - with a choice of resources at a price and always a strict time limit - thus emulating real life. Our favourite "incentive to participate", both competitively AND co-operatively, is to challenge the group to make ALL delegates “LEADERSHIP MILLIONAIRES”!

Delegates on all programmes receive copies of our 68 page workbook "Leadership at WORK" with chapters on the following:

The emphasis placed on each subject will, of course, depend on the researched and agreed objectives of each programme and the profile and "level" of delegates.

Call 01494 589 889 or email [email protected] for more information and/or to take advantage of our introductory offers

Leadership at WORK

a one day off-site workshop including 2 or 3 leadership

tasks of the client's choice (indoor and / or outdoor)

for 6 (minimum) to 9 delegates who have

the same, similar, or interacting roles,

less than half price £625

100% tailor-made to delegates' roles and goals

money-million money 50 Rick, Teambuilding in the warmth of Trinidad That''s how it''s done

Rick's favourite step in The Training Cycle is "DEMONSTRATION". He is especially good, as illustrated here on a "Leadership in ACTION" course for graduates at the University of Trinidad & Tobago, at demonstrating how NOT to do it! And ending up very wet!