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Janus Creative Planning® - ideal numbers 4 to 8

Workshops are "hands-on" - delegates learn by DOING, not by being lectured at! There will be an element of Rick's famous motivational speaking, but "tailor-made" means we research the problems, challenges and goals of the group and ensure THEY find the answers, while at the same time practising NEW skills.

Lunchtime Learning Workshops

Up to two hours of tailor-made training - and the “lunchtime” can be any time in any day that is most convenient! So you could have a working breakfast, or afternoon tea or even dinner as illustrated!

  • Janus Creative Planning® for leaders, managers or “Janus for Salespeople

  • The Persuasive Professional - a kick-start to SELF development

  • THINK ABOUT IT! to boost motivation and personal growth of people in any role

  • Experiential Profiling, using the application relevant to nominated delegates

  • Share, Care, Communicate - TeamWORKING tailor-made for nominated delegates

A typical lunchtime learning workshop!

£625 for up to 6 delegates (plus where viable, £50 each for extra)

Janus workshops start at least two weeks before the event! Delegates are briefed individually on how to select a "Scenario Subject" (a current important work challenge) to work with. We ensure that between delegates there is a good mix of subjects for everyone to help each other. We also work with delegates afterwards to ensure they DO achieve their scenario!

Janus for Salespeople a lethal weapon for salespeople, negotiators, account managers - anyone who ever needs to persuade, influence and/or negotiate at any level - a brilliant and easy-to-learn skill for SMEs.

Janus for Salespeople

- ideal numbers 4 to 8 -

THINK ABOUT IT! - ideal numbers 6 to 10

In just two hours delegates learn HOW they can develop their potential - leave their comfort zones and take risks.

a-little-book-of-Epigrams Experiential-Profiling

6 to 12 people

in the same team

We have four different versions of Experiential Profiling (see Profiling) so delegates need to be in the same role. This workshop can build Teamworking as well as Personal Growth



6 to 10 people in the

same role, or team

You can't achieve as much in terms of teambuilding in two hours as you can with more time, but much can be achieved if objectives are creatively discussed and defined: developinging relationships, integrating newer team members; relaunching after change; strategic planning; and more.

THINK ABOUT IT! “the best way to diffuse an argument is to APOLOGISE to the other person!” (from "A Little Book of Epigrams")


Lots of laughter during "group therapy", when delegates identify which epigrams they are going to USE in their work roles and/or socially in order to GROW and be more successful and fulfilled.

The Persuasive Professional

- ideal numbers 2 to 6 -

This workshop is tailor-made for the nominated delegates, focussing on the most relevant chapters in “The Persuasive Professional” for delegates to USE the principles to boost their RESULTS.


Choose from 5 unique workshops - always tailor made for nominated delegates