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The Impetus Team

Rick, the founder of Impetus, is an enthusiastic and inspiring speaker and facilitator.

Rick Whitehead, MD

Ed Cooper

Ed Cooper, Director

Ed is a professional Learning and Development specialist with a natural gift for pinpointing exactly HOW an individual can improve their projection and behaviour.


Most of us find criticism difficult to give and take. People ENJOY Ed telling them the truth!


Ed is also a very successful consultant with Action Coach -

Ian is an ILM qualified Business Coach with 35 years commercial experience whose gift is to achieve an instant empathy, at any level, and truly HELP people achieve their true potential.


People feel so comfortable with Ian that they find it easy to work with him to escape their comfort zone!

Ian Gillard,  Senior Consultant

Cheryl Winter, Senior Consultant

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His “mission” is to contribute in any way he can, especially through influencing culture and leadership, to enable anyone, in any workplace, in any role, to feel PRIDE and gain fulfillment from, their contribution.


Greatly informed by the principles of Clean Language and Mindfulness, Cheryl has a remarkable talent for helping people create sustainable and life changing strategies which allow their inner talents to emerge.


Cheryl and Rick make excellent partners (guess who is the "good cop"?) when working together on Leadership and Teambuilding assignments, where delegates learn by DOING - and ENJOYING THEMSELVES.

He always applies the principles of Janus Creative Planning® to agree visualised ideal outcomes with clients before leaving no stone unturned to ensure success.

It's welcome back to Cheryl, who worked with Impetus for 5 years to 2014 She then developed her experience as a Director of a Social Enterprise specialising in neurodiversity before succumbing to Rick's overtures to return. She is a highly experienced coach and group facilitator and is ILM Qualified, NLP Master Practitioner and Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.