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Our innovations and pragmatic approach develop people to develop RESULTS !


with “a little book of Epigrams”

  • anyone can be creative - just reject the first idea you think of

  • just trying harder MAY be enough ... better to think of DIFFERENT ways

  • the short cut to a dead end is the way you've always done it

  • be optimistic: your glass is half full; but it is ONLY half full

  • the best way to win an argument is to APOLOGISE ! 

  • now here's an original thought ..the other person might be right!

  • calling a spade a spade is ok ... unless it's a bucket !

  • you can only control what you can control ...

Personal Growth

51 original, amusing, but SERIOUS sayings to help people

reflect and learn how to fulfill their true potential; 7 examples ...

We deliver the Little Book in a variety of ways: a "group therapy" session can be included in ANY bespoke programme; the book is designed for readers to self teach (see books) and we also offer it in our new "Lunchtime" Learning workshop "THINK ABOUT IT!"

... but YOU CAN CONTROL what you can control !

epigrams are then presented in 5 sections:

How the book works

The introduction stresses the theme of THINK ABOUT IT!

Question yourself - how CAN you grow and achieve your TRUE potential?

What influences your judgement and decisions? What is holding you back? How comfortable is your comfort zone? Which ASSUMPTIONS inhibit you? Do you prefer to play safe, rather than try new ways? What can YOU DO to be more successful and fulfilled?

(yes, you're right - there are 8 - just checking you were concentrating!)


(it's ok to lie to other people, but always be honest with yourself!)

creative positive thinking

managing your comfort zone

developing your true potential

influencing, inspiring and engaging

strategic thinking, creative planning

Our unique tools for Personal Growth can be used for both SELF Development and "group therapy" (the preferred option, if it helps people see themselves as OTHERS see them) And all our tools aim to show HOW - as well as inspire.

Just "demanding" people "grow" as productive and fulfilled individuals isn't enough (no matter how good a motivational speaker you may be!) Give them NEW RESOURCES to help them first of all REFLECT and then also tell them HOW to grow.


Self Development