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The Persuasive Professional

for "professionals" who NEED to be persuasive - to influence and motivate others in order to maximise their success

egs, teaching, law, dentistry, accountancy, banking, PR, Advertising, politics, SMEs, directors, departmental heads


1. the Persuasive Professional

3. the Controlled Professional

5. the Professional Negotiator 

Below  are the generic Persuasive Professional Personality Types (then tailored to client's spec) CLICK TO EXPAND

Our tailor-made workshops cater for  professionals who need to be persuasive

- to influence and motivate others.


Workshops NEED to be personalised to ensure RELEVANCE and we consult as necessary to guarantee a challenging, worthwhile, enjoyable learning experience.


How we prioritise the 7 chapters in the "Persuasive Professional" will result from our research and consultations - ideally meeting all individual delegates.


Fees are negotiable from £1,250.


Call Rick Whitehead, 01494 589 889 or 07831 345 373 or email him to arrange a consultation, including a complimentary copy of "The Persuasive Professional"

[email protected]

On 1 or 2 day workshops (or Lunchtime Learning) we use our 56 page reference book “The Persuasive Professional” which has 7 chapters:


2. the Informative Professional

4. the Professional Motivator 

6. Pitching and Presenting Professionally

the Reflective Professional, is an introduction to Experiential Profiling (see below) and how persuasive professionals can use it to continuously develop their own effectiveness as persuaders, influencers and motivators - go to Profiling for the background to, and other applications of, Experiential Profiling.

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Experiential Profiling for PERSUASIVE Professionals