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Rick in Trinidad

One of Rick's favourite all time clients is The University of Trinidad and Tobago. He visited Trinidad 7 times, helping them establish their own new "IIEM" - an MSc course (Industrial Innovation Entrepreneurship and Management).


In September of each year we delivered purpose designed Teambuilding because IIEM is a very practical course and the (approximately 20) students work on projects in continuously changing teams. So to be able to work together, and do it synergistically, is vital. It is also vital that when they graduate they can USE all the skills they have learned in order to contribute to the growth of their nation’s economy, by accepting the responsibilities and challenges of leadership. So we return in March to deliver a tailor-made “Leadership In Action” course.


Rick is now working with some of the many friends he has made - both tutors and alumni - to design and deliver an open "Leadership Millionaire" course to delegates from the UK and USA, as well as Trinidadians.

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