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How to make a team WORK in a 21st century working environment. This book is for anyone who ever needs to communicate with, work with, and co-operate with, other people. Though it is written with the workplace in mind, the principles of share, care, communicate apply equally in other contexts - social, family and sporting are examples.

"All my books are the result of my continuing observations of the workplaces of people 'just trying to do a good job' - often in difficult circumstances - for I am talking about the REALITIES of 21st century post-pandemic workplaces. By definition the principles I present define MY approach and attitude - so, after reading a book, if you think the principles are relevant in your workplace, get in touch."

How to engage, inspire and lead a workplace team - a 72 page book designed as a practical guide to help leaders at any level, in any workplace.

A 48 page practical guide packed with case studies, templates and notes on Time Management and Creative & Lateral Thinking. How to visualise immediate success - eg a meeting in 5 minutes time - AND long term creative strategic planning.

Leadership at WORK

share,care communicate

JANUS Creative Planning

A 36 page practical guide to both Janus Creative PLANNING for salespeople AND Janus Creative SELLING with case studies, templates and reference notes on Time Management and Creative & Lateral Thinking.

JANUS for Salespeople

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A 56 page handbook for professionals - egs lawyers, doctors, teachers, SMEs, people in finance, insurance, departmental managers, etc, etc, who need to INFLUENCE others. The book includes Experiential Profiling tailored for Persuasive Professionals.

The Persuasive Professional


This book is about TEAM leadership - how to ensure harmony, productivity, ownership, PRIDE and fulfilment for ALL team members

The 7 Responsibilities of a Team Leader

1.  Create and Communicate SHARED Objectives

2.  Ensure Individuals know their VALUE as Contributors

3.  Ensure individuals know how OTHERS Contribute

4.  Communicate PROGRESS towards Shared Objectives

5.  MOTIVATE appropriately - Recognise, Praise, Discipline

6.  Consult Individuals and the Team - RESPECT them

7.  Achieve a BALANCE between Task, Team and Individual

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by Rick Whitehead